LoopdeLoop – Pig

For this months LoopdeLoop.org challenge titled ‘Pig’ I created a random idea where humans not only eat animals, but enjoy a little entertainment while they wait for their meal. It needed a lot more work, but I ran out of time.

LoopdeLoop – Fear

For this months LoopdeLoop.org challenge titled ‘Fear’, I decided to base the animation on my 5 year old boy. Although he rarely has nightmares, his crazy thoughts at night always fascinate me. Created using 3ds Max, Vray and After Effects.

LoopdeLoop – Dog

I haven’t had the chance to create any personal work for ages due to family commitments etc, so I thought I would enter this month’s LoopdeLoop.org challenge! For this challenge titled ‘Dog’ I decided to focus on the irritating side of some yappy dogs I know! Why I turned them into hot dogs is anyone’s guess!?! Although I only had a limited time to work on this, It was great fun to create and I’ll definitely be making time to participate in more challenges like this.

Courts Design Overview

The brief for this project was to to create an overview animation of the services Courts Design offer. Because this was an in-house project, I had complete control over the project (apart from the script), something that doesn’t often happen when working with clients ; ) Almost everything was created directly inside After Effects with the occasional 3ds Max element thrown in for good measure!

Christmas Animation (2016)

This animation was an in house project to send out to new and existing clients of Courts Design. It was created in 3ds max and rendered using the Beta version of Fstorm. Merry Christmas!!!

E4 Monday Night Movies (D&AD)

For this brief, E4 wanted a new promotional advert publicizing their new Monday Night Movie strand. I based the project around a family of chameleons who are fanatic about film. They enjoy nothing more than reenacting their favourite movie moments. This piece came fourth in the new emerging talent for advertisement category.

MTV Europe (30 Second Sting)

The brief was to design a secondary brand scheme and supporting broadcast system for a new MTV Europe channel. The primary logo is the existing MTV mark, our job was to create a visual identity to work around this. The sting was one of a series of short animations which would see country specific footwear dancing to popular music. 

BenQ – Projector Filters

The goal for this brief was to show how frustrating, dangerous and costly it is to replace standard projector filters. I created a scenario based around Teddy, an IT technician who becomes increasingly frustrated by this issue and looks for other alternatives. 


Based on spoofing famous battle speeches such as William Wallace (Braveheart) and Aragon (Lord of the Rings), the animation see’s a large army gathering for their final chance of freedom against the mighty Domestos.

It Came From Out The Drain (2003)

This animation was created by Rob Pace & Tristan Prior as a means of learning 3ds Max. Inspired by old classics like Tom & Jerry, this story took well over a year to create and was an excellent platform to start their careers in 3d animation.

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